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"Oh god, I am moving to London" - giveaway

Since I am moving soon, I have to get rid of some of my acquired treasure (details in the read more though the pictures are pretty self-explanatory).

There will be 15 winners (random # generator) with 14 x 2 items each - first one picks, then the second one, etc. What’s gone is gone. The Loki Poster is the only one-item-win (see read more). Everyone gets a Sherlock Holmes business card from 221B Baker Street.

This giveaway ends on September 28th 2014, 9pm BST (London).

Rules (to enter/ for a chance to win): 

  • must be following me (dudeufugly)
  • likes, reblogs and comments of this post (i.e. whatever gives this post a note) count (only one each, please)
  • no giveaway blogs
  • have an open askbox
  • be willing to give me your address (I will ship worldwide)
  • after the giveaway ends you MUST reply within 24 hrs of me contacting you (via ask). If you do not reply within 24 hrs, the next winner in line will take your place and I will, additionally, pick another to be winner number 15. No exceptions. I will post the winning URLs once they have chosen their prizes.

I am adding a “read more” section to the post - so no reblog misses important updates.

Let me know if you have any questions.
Good Luck!

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